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Case study: Midas NZ

What is the opportunity cost in having an out-of-date website? Midas NZ were concerned it was costing them thousands in lost business, and so we were engaged to turn things around and put some professional management in place.

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  • Replacing the lost lustre

    Despite a recent website upgrade there was a feeling at Midas NZ that they were not putting their best foot forward. Not only did they desire a more contemporary visual design, they wanted to work with a company that would be more responsive to their requests and who could provide guidance for improving their online presence. We began by:

    • Carrying out a complete re-design of their website,
    • Adding a more flexible Content Management System (CMS),
    • Setting up some measurable KPIs,
    • And taking over their Google advertising campaign.
  • "We had a certain level of apprehension redeveloping our website for the second time. James and his team handled the project seemingly effortlessly and we’re thrilled with the results."
    Jonathan Onyszkiewicz.
  • Going back to brand values

    The new design was brought much more in-line with the international brand, and importantly, it was made mobile-responsive - meaning that it would work just as well on a smartphone or tablet as it would on a laptop or full-size desktop. It also contained:

    • A service booking system, broken down by location and service type,
    • A substantially more interactive, customised google map of locations,
    • A friendly dictionary of technical phrases, to help customers be more at ease with the terms their technicians are using.
  • Charting our success

    Midas NZ can now see how many online bookings they receive through a custom-designed dashboard that breaks results down by workshop and service type. This provides the intelligence required to make better advertising and marketing decisions.

    Our ongoing work involves providing detailed feedback and management of their site and online advertising.

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