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How we make websites

We strive for sophisticated simplicity in our work, marrying the needs of our client with a direct and accessible approach. The result is a website that is easy to use, effective and that lasts the distance.

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  • Custom-designed

    We create unique websites for every client. That's because we want your business to excel, to stand a head above the rest. We can't do that by using a copy and paste approach. Customise Consulting, a wonderful client of ours, has been busy re-inventing recruitment, so we re-invented their website to coincide with the launch of their new offer.

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  • Made with mobile in mind

    It would be rare for a website today to have any less than 30% of its traffic come from mobile devices. So it's fair to say we take mobile web design very seriously. We design your site to work seamlessly on phones and tablets from the moment it's conceived. Thanks to a recent upgrade, Cossiga now looks as lovely on a small screen as it does on a big one.

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  • Big, small and in-between

    Regardless of your turnover, you don't want to be treated like a small business. We work with one-man-bands through to corporate monsters, with some interesting diversions in the middle, and we provide the same level of service regardless of size.

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  • Accountability counts

    Here's the thing: a website is not a luxury. It's got to pull its weight in your business. Regardless of how beautiful the design it's a waste of time unless it also makes good on some business promises. When the folks at Midas want to track online bookings, we assist them by providing detailed reporting, then give them the tools to systematically follow up.

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